Legal Services

Other services
Legal Services

Legal Services

  • Real estate services
  • Tax and customs services
  • Labor disputes
  • Property disputes
  • Debt collection services
  • Intellectual property services
  • Honor and dignity protection services
  • Business consulting
  • Supply and cargo transportation services
  • Martial agreements services
  • Services in the field of administrative offenses
  • Bankruptcy processes formation and recovery programs preparation
  • Civil law contracts preparation 

Documentation Review

  • Examination of documents
  • Written and oral conclusions
  • Participation in negotiations and judicial representation

Representation in Court

  • Preparation of claim statement, complaint and motion
  • Preparation of a peace/reconciliation agreement and negotiation

Legal and Financial Outsourcing

  • Study of corporate packages
  • Legal opinion provision
  • Correction and editing of incorrectly drafted documents
  • Regulation of disputed legal relations
  • Organization of legal negotiations

Representation in State Authorities

  • Preparation, submission of complaints’ application and support
  • Acquisition of relevant documents from Government Offices
  • Inaction and actions litigation of State Bodies