New Cooperation

New Cooperation

We are happy to announce that our company led by Ararat Antonyan signed an agreement with Greek company Alpha Ermis. Together with our partner we will provide services in real estate, as well as assistance in receiving TIN and preparation of documents for residence permission. 


One of the options for obtaining a residence permit in Greece is the purchase of real estate for the amount of at least 250,000 euros. 
Antonyan Group will assist in selecting options and helping in the collection and preparation of documents.

Registration and list of documentation

1. Selection of real estate options, collection of documents.
We select estate for viewing in accordance with your preferences, you prepare documents for opening an account in a Greek bank. You will need the account in the future in order to receive income from rental housing (in the case you decide to rent it out) and pay the real estate maintenance costs.
It will also be possible to pay from this account for the deal. 

Required documents:

- copy and original of the passport;
- documents confirming the legality of the buyer's income. This could be a certificate of employment, tax returns, dividends, rental income or property sales;
- tax resident certificate;
- a copy of any utility bill, confirming the place of actual residence of the applicant;
- certificate of possession of a phone number;
- applicant’s statements from the bank accounts.
Documents are provided in Greek and English. If your documents are in any other language, our lawyers in Greece will handle the translation.

2. Choosing a property in Greece and opening an account

You arrive in Greece and together with our manager choose an estate to buy. If you are ready for the transaction, you apply for INN and open an account in a Greek bank. On average, it takes 2-3 working days.

3. Preliminary agreement

Before concluding a preliminary agreement, a lawyer checks the documents for real estate, the availability of certificate of ownership of the seller and a cadastral register for encumbrances and tax debts of the object. After checking the condition of estate, you conclude a preliminary sale and purchase agreement with the seller and make a deposit for about 10% of the estate's value. After that, the notary prepares the final sale contract. This phase takes from 2 weeks to 1 month.

4. Conclusion of transaction

After the notary prepares the final contract of sale, it can be signed and money can be transferred to the seller's account. The contract can be signed in person or by power of attorney(proxy) through a lawyer. 3-4 weeks later the transaction will be registered in the cadastral register, and the property - in the cadastral department.
A certificate of registration of the transaction will be required to obtain a residence permit.

5. Submission of documents for a residence permit

With the help of a lawyer, we collect documents for applying for a residence permit in Greece. The package of documents must be submitted to the Office of Foreign Citizens and Immigration. Documents can be submitted in person or remotely through a lawyer.

List of documents for applying for a residence permit:
For the main applicant

- a copy of all pages of the passport;
- birth certificate with an apostille;
- two color photos of the applicant in electronic format (format 4x6 cm, can be provided on CD);
- receipt for payment of state duty (paid online);
- contract for the sale of real estate;
- certificate of registration of the contract in the cadastral register;
- Greek insurance policy covering medical & hospitalization expenses in Greece.

For family members

- copies of all pages of the international passport for all family members;
- Greek insurance policy covering hospitalization and medical expenses in Greece (in Greek);
- birth certificate with an apostille;
- marriage certificate and birth certificate of a child (with an apostille);
- two color photos in electronic form for each family member (4x6 cm format, can be provided on CD);
- photo requirements: color, on a white background; ears are visible, no earrings; mouth closed; hair pulled back behind the ears; the forehead is not covered with bangs. Photo covers not only the face, but also the upper body, approximately to the level of the heart. 

6. Fingerprinting

Within 6 months, you need to come to Greece with the rest of the family to go through fingerprinting. In case of emergencies, such as a pandemic, the Greek Immigration Service extends the deadlines. Children under 5 years old do not need to be present for the procedure.

7. Obtaining a Residence Permit in Greece

A few weeks after the fingerprinting, the residence permit will be ready. Since personal presence is not necessary, you can get a residence permit through a lawyer by sending the original passport in advance. Documents are exchanged through the DHL service.

Necessary expenses

1. Real estate of at least 250,000 euros
2. Broker - 3% of the property purchase amount
3. Notary and cadastre -3% of the purchase price of real estate
4. Translation of documents in Greek - depends on the number of documents.
5. Documents for a Residence Permit